YMCA-LoudounLaura Fears Executive Director YMCA Loudoun County has had a 17 year career span working with Loudoun County children and families. Laura is an enthusiastic advocate for Loudoun families and children and believes every child has a right to receive the support of the community to help ensure future success.  Her program received a $25,000 grant from the Loudoun Impact Fund in 2014.

Laura lives with her husband in Leesburg, Virginia and is the proud Mother of two grown children Mari and Stephen.

We all know a parent’s life is filled with decisions to make on behalf of their children. When you are additionally struggling because of economic circumstances the answers are not always clear and sometimes parents are forced to make impossible choices.

Should I put food on the table, pay the rent or send my child to an after-school program? Where are my priorities? My child going home alone to an empty house or apartment, paying the rent, buying school supplies, clothing etc., etc., all parents want what is best for their child but, sometimes the decision proves difficult.

Life is filled with choices and some of them are bound to be hard, but this is a choice we should not require parents to make, because if they choose they lose and we lose our children! If a person cannot function at work for worrying about their children at home alone, it weakens the very fabric of our community. 

One way the YMCA is different from for-profit entities in the field of child care is their inclusiveness, particularly as it concerns financial assistance to families who cannot afford to pay. With the high cost of living parents may not be able to afford the care needed for their children. The grant provided by the Loudoun Impact Fund will ensure that the YMCA can continue its mission of never turning anyone away regardless of inability to pay. This means that all the children who come to us will be given a safe and enriching place to stay after school.YMCA-Loudoun2

The YMCA is a mission-based organization that provides services to over 3,000 Loudoun county families through Summer Camp learning and after-school programs. All programs focus on the YMCA core principals of Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty. These values are included in everything the YMCA offers and are its guiding principles. These are not just values taught to the children through lesson plans. They are demonstrated by our staff interactions with the children and the high expectations we instill in the children's interactions with one another.

The YMCA after-school programs ensure that children are being served. Educators, policymakers, and families increasingly agree: schools cannot do it alone. Children need multiple opportunities to learn and grow-at home, in school, and in the community. The homework assistance portion of the YMCA after-school program is a comprehensive strategy for reinforcing what children have been taught during their school day. A multi-layered approach to learning is the idea that a systemic approach can better ensure that all children have the skills they need to succeed. A complementary learning approach provides and aligns beneficial opportunities for children and youth.

The YMCA provides a safely supervised program for children to learn, grow and thrive. While their parent is working each child is being actively engaged with
  • Arts and Humanities (visual and performing art materials)
  • Character development (Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty, celebrations and history)
  • Health, wellness and fitness including PHD (Physical, Health, Driven) program
  • Homework support
  • Literacy(age appropriate books, writing journals, field trips)
  • Science and technology activities (computers, computer software, science experiments)
  • Service-learning (Community presenters, volunteer service, field trips)
Guided by its mission, the YMCA Loudoun County provides programming that is available and accessible to everyone. The Y’s Caring for Community Program brings that commitment to life. A family gains peace of mind knowing that their child is safe under our care, and that their children will be interacting with and receiving support from caring mentors and individuals.

Every child has a right to a safe environment and learning activities that extend beyond the home and classroom. At the YMCA Loudoun County children learn important values that will last them a lifetime.