ACTS2ACTS is a 2014 Community Investment Fund Grant Recipient in the area of Poverty Relief.  The Community Foundation is currently accepting donations to support 2015 grants.

The Action in Community Through Service Food Pantry provides monthly supplemental food assistance for clients residing in eastern Prince William County. This past year we have been blessed by a grant provided to us through the Community Investment Fund.  These funds have made it possible for us to maintain a vital program component—home delivery for our homebound and senior clients. 

Currently, 20 households receive supplemental food assistance through this outreach program.

This program allows us to assist vulnerable populations that do not have the means to visit our pantry in person. Most of the households are dependent on Social Security Benefits, which barely cover housing expenses, and SNAP benefits that do not cover personal hygiene or over-the-counter medical supplies.  ACTS1

One of our home delivery households is a couple who are both in their 70s.  Both have medical disabilities and can’t drive. Their monthly income is $1,709 from Social Security Benefits and they receive a modest SNAP benefit each month. After rent, which is $940 per month, and utility bills, they are left with a very limited amount of funds for food.  They can’t afford other essential non-food related household items like incontinence products, laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Our home delivery program thus becomes the means for households like this one to maintain their independence and self-sufficiency!