NeedsIn an effort to build stronger relationships with our community based nonprofits, we have launched First Tuesdays - an open, co-learning opportunity for Community Foundation staff to meet with local nonprofit leaders and discuss the issues and challenges they face.  

These meetings are designed to build relationships, share information, brainstorm ideas, and discover new approaches or new ways of tackling community issues in a neutral, relaxed setting.

We held our first meeting on Tuesday, January 5th, and met with two nonprofit organizations.  It just so happened that their arenas overlapped in their support of animal welfare.
The Shiloh Project’s mission is to create unique relationships between rescued dogs and young people, including juvenile offenders and other kids at risk.  By providing education programs within the Juvenile Justice System and through after-school programs, they have witnessed the transformative power of the human-animal bond in the lives of these young students.

The Humane Society of Fairfax County, Inc., was established in 1965 to rescue wild and domestic animals from cruelty, neglect or lack of care.  They offer animal adoption, an Ani-Meals pet pantry, and outreach programs to help teach and advocate for the welfare of animals.

After learning more about the work of these organizations and about the wider arenas in which they do business in our region, we discovered that some of the greatest needs they face are similar for other nonprofits in our community.


One of the biggest barriers to the Shiloh Project is transportation for students to be able to participate in its after-school program.


The Humane Society spoke about the need for greater general awareness of animal rescue organizations so that more and more families looking to adopt a pet would consider rescuing animals that need good homes.

We invite all nonprofit organizations in the region to comment on this post and share with us the greatest needs that your organization and your industry face here in Northern Virginia.

If we can help identify some community needs trends, we can hope to help better address those needs through impactful grantmaking.

We will look forward to continuing these conversations at future FIRST TUESDAYS.

Thank you for your input!