The Michael S. Rusciolelli Memorial Fund

BullHonkee color logoweb11The Michael S. Rusciolelli Memorial Fund - The Michael Rusciolelli Memorial Golf Tournament was established in 1996, one year after the untimely death of my youngest brother.  The summer following his 1995 graduation from Osbourn Park, Mike was killed in a tragic car accident.  The loss affected his family and community deeply, and we all felt a need to find ways to honor his memory.  In August of 1996, the First Annual MRM was unveiled.  With a rain-shortened 15-hole tournament a winner was crowned, and $1,800 was raised and donated to Osbourn Park High School.  Since then, the MRM has been played every summer - a wonderful opportunity to remember Mike and to bring together the friends, family and community. 

2009 Golf WinnersIn 2009, we played the 14th annual tournament.  Over the years, over $50,000 has been raised for Osbourn Park. This has been a wonderful event that has meant so much to our family and friends.  While geared toward alums of our great school, we have opened the invitation to all who want to participate, and the experience has grown even richer and more enjoyable.  Whether you want to play, sponsor, or donate, we greatly appreciate your interest and your support of Osbourn Park.

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