Being One Who Serves

Supporting Children of Need in Loudoun County through Community Service

bowsBeing One Who Serves (BOWS) is a group of middle school girls who find creative fun ways to help children of need in Loudoun County. Founded in 2012, the group started by going door to door decorating mailboxes for $20 donations. They shared their $1,639 total collection with their own school, Belmont Ridge Middle School. Monies went to help families in need during the Holiday season. But they knew these families and others like them, needed help throughout the year and vowed to do more. In February 2013, they made flyers and took orders for Valentine's Day cupcakes and roses raising $1,477. This year, they would like to double their goal to $6,000 as well as find other ways to serve their community. All participants pay a $30 annual fee to cover expenses during the year so that 100% of all Donations are granted.

2013-2014 Members

Nicole Bongianino
Kaeli Broyhill
Tatum Broyhill
Chloe Doering
Jane Dvorak
Noelle Foster
Alyssa Gordon
Kendra Keyser
Alaina Lewis
Caroline Maller 
 Lauren Mandrgoc
Amanda Oliver
Anna Orben
Emma Pyle
Lauren Takala
Ryan Takala
Jordan Thompson
McKenna Ullsperger
Kerrigan Walsh

The Day it Began…

Pictured below (left to right): Alyssa Gordon, Emma Pyle, Amanda Oliver, McKenna Ullsperger, Kendra Keyser, Caroline Maller, Nicole Bongianino, Jane Dvorak, Kerrigan Walsh, Kaeli Broyhill, Anna Orben, Alaina Lewis, & Jordan Thompson
BOWS Girls 1

Surpassing their Holiday Goal of $1,500! 
Pictured left to right:  Kendra Keyser, Alyssa Gordon, Nikki Bongianino, Caroline Maller, Tatum Broyhill, Kerrigan Walsh & Emma Pyle

BOWS Girls 2

Delivering Valentine’s Day Cupcakes and Roses
Pictured above  left to right: Tatum Broyhill, Caroline Maller, Alyssa Gordon, Nicole Bongianino, Kaeli Broyhill, Kerrigan Walsh, Kendra Keyser, Alaina Lewis, Jordan Thompson, Lauren Mandrgoc, McKenna Ullsperger, & Anna Orben.

BOWS Girls 3 

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