Donate to support organizations making a difference in our region

Community Investment Funds – The Community Investment Funds are the signature grant cycle managed by the Community Foundation in which funds are invested in organizations serving the Northern Virginia community in the areas of child and youth development, education, health, mental health and aging, military personnel and their families, and poverty relief.

Emergency Relief Fund - Supports organizations that help those who have suffered significant losses under circumstances requiring emergency aid.  Currently supporting furloughed federal workers.

Environment Fund - The mission of the Environment Fund is to protect, restore and improve the natural environment of Northern Virginia, thereby enhancing the health and quality of life of its citizens and the economy of the region.

Future Fund – Currently in hiatus, the Future Fund is a giving circle of young professionals who connect with each other personally and professionally, learn about the critical needs of our region, and donate at affordable levels to the philanthropic causes they care about most.  

Healthy Kids Grants – This grant program to helps public schools encourage healthy lifestyles through increased exercise and better nutrition, supported by the Chin Family Charitable Fund, a donor advised fun with the Community Foundation.

Innovation Fund – This grant program recognizes and promotes innovation and supports programs that nurture inventiveness, creativity and new design across Northern Virginia.

Loudoun Impact Fund – The Loudoun Impact Fund is a giving circle comprised of Loudoun County citizens and corporations that invests strategically to promote education, the arts and the environment, and to support the needs of Loudoun families, children and youth.

The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts
- The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts mission is to celebrate, promote, and support the arts in Northern Virginia.