Giving & Investing

Consider for Your Clients

Your clients have several options to consider as they explore giving through the Community Foundation. These include determining:

  • the type of fund that best meets their charitable giving goal
  • the type of gifts to make as they initiate and grow the fund, and
  • the level of engagement for themselves, and others if they choose, in the giving process.

Detailed information about becoming a donor is available here.

If your client is considering creating a private foundation, we strongly encourage you to have them explore the advantages the Community Foundation can offer to save them time and money. More details on this issue can be found in our toolbox for Professional Advisors.
Joel Brown“Merrill Lynch recommended the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia to me almost 20 years ago. They spoke very highly of the work the Foundation did for the community and some of the great organizations they helped support. I learned very quickly that there are a lot of very good causes that need support and Community Foundation is very helpful at researching and recommending where donations are needed.”
— Joel Brown, Advisor, XMS Fund

If you have questions about our donor options that have not been answered in this section, please contact us for more information.