Eileen M. Ellsworth Presented at the Realities and Myths about Prospective Collaborators Session

e ellsworth 14Eileen M. Ellsworth, President of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, presented at the Council on Foundation's National Conference on September 24, 2013 in San Diego, California. Colleagues from community foundations, companies, and government gathered together to discuss techniques used to foster cross-sector collaboration and share experiences in an engaging format.
"We were pleased that Eileen was selected to speak at this prestigious conference," said Lynn Tadlock, Chairman, Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. "Her expertise on developing and fostering collaborative partnerships served as a real value to those that attended the conference."

Community foundations have found efficient ways to facilitate understanding between cross-sector funders and collaborators that lead to successful partnering. Myths and assumptions can hinder effective collaborations and learning how to correctly identify was the focus at the session. The session also explored methods of how to navigate realities and dispel the assumptions. Attendees also explored the collaborative nature between community foundations, companies and the government.

Ellsworth's discussion explained the uniqueness of community foundations to facilitate cross-sector collaboration successfully. Her discussion covered the role of community foundations and common myths and realities associated with them such as expectations placed on community foundations regarding funding, fundraising, and volunteer support. Trends that have formed as a result of changes within the sector including evolution in the approach of local governments were an additional area of focus.

"Cross-sector collaboration is an integral part of fostering successful partnerships. I was delighted to attend the session as a speaker and share my knowledge and experiences on realities and assumptions associated with community foundations," said Ellsworth.

The audience gained a better understanding of ways community foundations, companies and the government work collectively to achieve common goals. Participants walked away with operative ways to deal with myths and assumptions when working among sectors which lead to more productive partnering in the future.