2013 Poverty Relief Fund grantee, Northern Virginia Family Service, helped 3,500 families last year!

Mother  Baby PhotoOrganizations such as Northern Virginia Family Service work diligently to end and prevent homelessness in our region.  The Community Foundation awarded them a $10,000 Community Investment Fund grant in 2013 to support an emergency assistance program to provide food and financial assistance to over 3,500 families last year.  The following story is about a client from their SERVE program:

A single mother of 4 children entered into the SERVE shelter in September 2012 after recently becoming separated from her husband and father of her children. The client spent the majority of her stay in the shelter working multiple shifts in attempt to remain busy and out of the shelter as well as to save enough money to be able to secure housing. The client applied for transitional housing through the NVFS BEST Transitional Housing Program and entered into the program just 5 days shy of Christmas. 

Since entering the NVFS BEST program less than a year ago, the client has been promoted at her job which has both increased her hours allowing for a more stable weekly schedule as well an increased hourly rate of pay. The client has also secured a second part-time job with a higher rate of pay allowing her to have the money she needs to pay her bills as well as save money. This job has also given her an opportunity to apply for internal full-time positions in hopes that she can work one full-time job during the week and eliminate the need for weekend work and multiple jobs. Due to the stability in housing the client has also been able to enroll her children in Prince William County schools where they are able to catch the bus and the client doesn’t have to drive several miles out of the way to get her children to and from school each day.  

 Her housing stability plan is to transition in place to a lease in her name. By transitioning in place the client will not have to once again disrupt the lives and schedules of herself and her children.  This will allow the client some much desired freedom in her housing allowing for her to become a tenant in hopes that it will reestablish positive rental history and someday allow for her to purchase her own home.

This story captures the benefits of the comprehensive nature of NVFS shelter and housing programs, which meets the client where they are allows them to transition to stability with as little disruption as possible, while providing the support service that will help them maintain stability.

Please donate to the Poverty Relief Fund today at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia to support nonprofits offering assistance to our neediest neighbors this year!