2013 Poverty Relief Fund grantee, Food for Others, provided 33,475 food packs to hungry children

Food Bank PhotoFood for Others provides backpacks full of food to elementary-aged children who often go hungry over the weekends through its “Power Pack Program.”  The Community Foundation awarded them a $5,000 Community Investment Fund grant in 2013 to support this program and help provide 33,475 food packs to needy children.

Many students served by this organization are worried about going home for the weekends because there is often no food in the house.  This program not only helps provide basic sustenance, it also relieves students’ anxieties.

Below are a few stories from counselors, teachers and families:

School Social Worker: "By 2:00 the student is dragging because he's not getting enough calories to sustain him through the day. He gets breakfast and lunch (through school meals), but doesn't always get dinner. Weekend food makes a big difference. These families are dealing with a host of problems."

Second grade teacher: "My students who are receiving food from Food for Others appear more alert on

Monday mornings. They come ready to learn rather than appearing drowsy and inattentive."

Fourth grade teacher: "This is a great program for families at our school. It has made me realize how many of our families are hungry on the weekends."

Third grade teacher: "It brings me such a sense of peace knowing that my students will not go hungry over the weekend. As teachers we constantly worry about our students – this eliminates one less stress."

Elementary teacher: "My student is receiving a package of food for the weekend on Fridays. His mother shared with me that he goes home, opens it, and gets so excited about the food, especially the mac and cheese.

From the teacher’s perspective, hearing this at a parent-teacher conference made my heart so happy, especially after the student's mother shared their current living situation. It is great to hear that my student looks forward to this special treat!"

School Social Worker: "My schools have great poverty and hundreds on free and reduced meals. You have no idea how grateful I am for your program."

Please donate to the Poverty Relief Fund today at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia to support nonprofits offering assistance to our neediest neighbors this year!