Grants $10,000 to support Northern Virginia Rides Program for seniors

AgingReportCOVERThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia has released “A Portrait of our Aging Population in Northern Virginia,” a report on the aging population 65 and older in the Northern Virginia region.  The study highlights demographic, social and economic trends that impact older adults, ages 65 and over, in Northern Virginia, and is one of a series of publications commissioned and published by the Community Foundation to inform, inspire meaningful dialogue, and increase philanthropic and public investment surrounding critical community needs.  The report can be downloaded at

The data indicates a need to support seniors aging in place.  In response, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia is committing $10,000 to support the Community Mobility: Northern Virginia Rides Program, which provides transportation options to Northern Virginians who would not otherwise have mobility access, by offering a coordinated volunteer-driver transportation model to community groups.  This initiative was developed by the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia in partnership with the Jewish Council for the Aging, Fairfax County Long Term Care Coordinating Council, the Giving Circle of HOPE, representatives of community nonprofit social service providers, and the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

The basic findings of this report indicate that the Northern Virginia population of adults 65 and older is generally younger, healthier and wealthier than in other parts of the country, and can therefore serve as a tremendous resource for the region.  However, in the next ten to twenty years the older population is expected to grow at significantly higher rates than the national average.  Because of the high cost of housing in the region, there are a significant number of older residents that are economically insecure, and are therefore experiencing poverty, are under-insured, and are relying more and more on in-home care.

Key findings from the report include:
  • Between 2010 and 2030, the number of older individuals in Northern Virginia will increase from 192,589 to 429,300.  At that time, over 15% of the region’s population will be 65 or older.
  • More than 20,000 older Northern Virginians currently live in poverty, and 28% of older households can be considered economically insecure, and an additional 31% are financially vulnerable.
  • The rate of older adults without health insurance in Northern Virginia is about three times higher than the national and Virginia rates.
  • Demand for assisted living services has more than doubled over the last two decades, while older Northern Virginians are using traditional nursing home care at about half the rate of the rest of the State of Virginia.
  • Twice as many older Northern Virginians live with a relative other than a spouse than the national average
We hope that you will download the report and learn more about how philanthropy can help our aging population.