Increased native plant cover and reduction of invasive plant species can improve water and air quality and assist wildlife

Rudbeckia submentosa Little Henry Sweet ConeflowerThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and the Northern Virginia Regional Commission announce the launch of the Plant NOVA Natives fund.

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission operates a campaign knows as Plant NOVA Natives that addresses the loss and fragmentation of native plant cover.  The Plant NOVA Natives Fund, housed at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, is solely dedicated to supporting this campaign. The loss of native plant cover combined with the increased abundance of non-native, invasive plant species throughout the Northern Virginia has had a significant impact on the ecological integrity of the region.  As a result, water quality, air quality, wildlife habitat, and the historic natural character of the landscape have suffered.

Donations to the Plant NOVA Natives Fund will support the Northern Virginia Regional Commission’s effort to expand and develop this campaign to encourage the community to plant species native to our region.

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