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The Afghan Relief and Resettlement Fund for Northern Virginia

Established: August 29, 2021

The Community Foundation’s Afghan Relief and Resettlement Fund for Northern Virginia was established on September 1, 2021 to support Afghans fleeing their country who either pass through or are resettled here in Northern Virginia.

Grants from this Fund will first focus on their immediate unmet human and basic needs, such as food, shelter, acute health, acute mental health services.  Subsequent grants will support longer term resettlement efforts, including legal, mental health, physical health, housing, transportation, education, language, and other coping skills.

No fee will be charged by the Community Foundation on Fund assets. All donations to the Fund will be used to support local and regional nonprofits who are optimally positioned to provide immediate assistance and longer-term aid and support. 

Please be generous!  Thank you for your support.

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