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From the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia awards more than $5 million in grants to more than 300 nonprofits every year. While many grants are made at the request of our 200+ donor established fund representatives, the Community Foundation also manages a number of competitive grant cycles to support the Northern Virginia region which vary each year. Volunteer committees review and make funding recommendations for our discretionary grants.

The Community Foundation’s ability to make grants in the region is thanks to generous donors who have helped establish endowments to forever support areas they care about and who contribute each and every year to respond to need and seed innovation.

Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia
The Permanent Fund is a permanent community endowment, ensuring the Community Foundation’s ability to make grants and meet the funding needs of nonprofits in our region into the future.

Responding to Need & Seeding Innovation

Responding to Need & Seeding Innovation
The Community Foundation's grants exist to respond to need and seed innovation throughout the region.  Scroll through the list below to apply for grants or to donate to one of our existing funds.
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We rely on impartial volunteers to review grant applications for each of our discretionary grant cycles. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer grant reviewer.
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Learn more about and apply for a grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. A full grants calendar is provided below.

To apply, update, or submit a grant application, and to submit final reports for past grants, click the button below.

You will be instructed to set up an organizational profile before applying. If your organization has applied in the past, check with other staff members to get access to the organization profile already established. It contains grant history and past applications. Please do not set up a new profile unless you are sure your organization has not applied previously.
Below you will find information about each of our grant cycles and their impact focus areas. Organizations may apply to multiple grant cycles during the year. However, only one application in one focus area is accepted in the Community Investment Funds cycle.

Build Back - Dream Forward: COVID-19 Response Fund

The next phase in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the purpose of Build Back- Dream Forward is to achieve economic mobility, promote racial justice and equity, and catalyze more inclusive systems of economic growth in Northern Virginia, particularly in local communities of color who have been disproportionately impacted by the virus and its fallouts.

Community Investment Funds

The Community Investment Funds are the signature grant cycle managed by the Community Foundation in which funds are invested in organizations serving the Northern Virginia community in the areas of child and youth development, education, health, mental health and aging, military personnel and their families, and poverty relief.
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Business Women's Giving Circle

The Business Women's Giving Circle, a group comprised of accomplished business women in Northern Virginia, supports programs and organizations in our region that promote business innovation, entrepreneurship, and inventive opportunities for women and girls.
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Environment Fund

The Environment Fund protects, restores and improves the natural environment of Northern Virginia, thereby enhancing the health and quality of life of its citizens and the economy of the region. The first grants from the fund were awarded in early 2018, and at this time, grant applications are by invitation only.
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Giving Circle of HOPE

The Giving Circle of HOPE creates positive change in Northern Virginia through engaged and collective philanthropy by directly benefiting people in need, where “need” refers to those who have low-income, are disadvantaged or are under-served. Organizations with an operating budget equal to or less than $1 million are eligible to apply.
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Healthy Kids Grants

Healthy Kids Grants help public schools encourage healthy lifestyles through increased exercise and better nutrition, supported by the Chin Family Charitable Fund and the J.O.Y. Charitable Fund, donor advised funds with the Community Foundation.
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Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund invests in inventiveness, creativity and new design. It uses a venture philanthropy model of grant making in which donors to the Innovation Fund, in partnership with the Community Foundation board and staff, find investment opportunities in Northern Virginia. At this time, grant applications for the Innovation Fund are by invitation only.
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Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund (LEAF)

The Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund promotes and invests in the civic engagement, education, economic success, naturalization, health, leadership development, volunteerism, and advocacy of the Latino community in the Metro DC region. This donor-advised committee researches organizations in the listed focus areas and runs competitive grant cycles periodically.
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Loudoun Impact Fund

The Loudoun Impact Fund is a giving circle of engaged Loudoun County donors managed in partnership by the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties. The Fund invests strategically in Loudoun County to promote education, the arts and the environment, and to support the needs of Loudoun families, children and youth.
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Micron Opportunity Fund

The Micron Opportunity Fund provides grants to nonprofits and public school systems in Northern Virginia that provide education, skills acquisition, and mentoring for underrepresented and under-funded student populations in the field of engineering, technology, and overall STEM.
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NOVA Parks - Hemlock Overlook Field Trip Grant Program

NOVA Parks offers a $1,000 grant program for 5th and 6th grade public school students to experience the great outdoors! In cooperation with Adventure Links, NOVA Parks introduces students to a quiet wilderness with impressive possibilities at the 228-acre Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. See the NOVA Parks website for more information about this annual grant cycle.

Our Children Fund

The Our Children Fund provides financial assistance for "normalizing" items and experiences to children in the Fairfax County foster care system. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
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The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts

The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts celebrates, promotes, and supports the arts in Northern Virginia.
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Grant Cycle Notifications

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Grant Cycle Calendar

The following is an approximate calendar of our annual grant cycles throughout the year.  **Please note that for 2020 and 2021, grant cycles have been modified to respond to urgent needs resulting from the pandemic.  Please check each individual grants page for details.

Funding OpportunityOpensClosesAnnounced
Community Investment Funds January February May
Business Women's Giving Circle July September December
Environment Fund January February May
Giving Circle of HOPE TBD TBD TBD
Healthy Kids Grants April June September
Innovation Fund By Invitation Only
Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund (LEAF) August October February
Loudoun Impact Fund July October November
Micron Opportunity Fund September January February
NOVA Parks January February April
Our Children Fund Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts January February May