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The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

A Permanent Community Endowment

The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia is a permanent community endowment that will help shape the future of the region. This forever source of flexible philanthropic capital will enable the Community Foundation to advance equity, responding to critical needs of the region as they evolve over time, seeding innovative solutions to persistent social issues, and strengthening the ties that bind in our community for decades if not centuries to come. The Permanent Fund stands at $26.8 million in current and planned gifts and has been built by forward-thinking local individuals wishing to leave lasting legacies of giving in the community we call home.

Elledge Brandon“My wife Amy and I decided to support the Permanent Fund last year, and frankly it was an easy decision to make. This was our way to - in the words of the Community Foundation – ‘give like it matters.’ The Community Foundation, with its knowledge, trust, and networks developed over 40 years of effective philanthropy in the region, can use our and the other continuing donations to the Permanent Fund to help transform these gifts into a meaningful impact on peoples' lives throughout Northern Virginia. To make a difference in the area we call home is very meaningful to us. We also believe the Permanent Fund is an important strategic asset for the Foundation with its various other donor-advised funds.”
— Brandon and Amy Elledge, Elledge Family Fund, Permanent Fund Donors

The Case for the Permanent Fund

Northern Virginia is one of the most desireable places to live, work, and play in the entire country.

But, with over 380,000 of our residents living at or near poverty (less than $50,000 for a family of four), the need for The Permanent Fund has never been as great.

Every hope for the future depends on our community’s capacity to find innovative solutions to complex issues, champion promising causes, and support our most vulnerable populations. The Permanent Fund will be the primary source of that capacity. As a permanent, flexible, and resilient source of philanthropic capital, it will shape our region’s future.

You can make a gift of any size at any time. There is no minimum.  You can dedicate your gift to a particular field of interest like children, health, racial and social equity, the arts, the environment, innovation, animal welfare, or other interests that match your philanthropic goals, or leave it undesignated for maximum flexibility over time.

PermFund LogoYou can also establish a named fund now that becomes part of The Permanent Fund for as little as $10,000 with 5 gifts of $2,000 per year. You can also leave a planned gift of any kind and size to The Permanent Fund from your estate. In either case, you may ask the Community Foundation to deploy the philanthropy from your gift in a specific field of interest, or you may leave it undesignated for optimum flexibility over time.

Explore the current component funds of The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia, and see a list of local institutions that have received grants from the Community Foundation thanks to these endowed funds.