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The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

An Endowment for the Region's Future

At the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, we care about this place we call home. So many of us have made our homes here, our wealth here. Our families have benefited from the excellent local schools, the world class health systems, and the vibrant local economy. We love this region and want to see it continue to grow and thrive.
Janey Calhoun“The Community Foundation’s broad aperture sees more widely than we ever could as individuals. It is able to identify both critical needs in the Northern Virginia community as well as organizations working effectively to meet those needs. Our donation to the Permanent Fund allows us to help ensure all those living in this diverse, vibrant community have the tools and services necessary to thrive.”
— Cheryl Janey and Michael Calhoun, The Janey Calhoun Family Legacy Fund, a component fund of The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

Built entirely with gifts from donors like you, the Permanent Fund is a permanent community endowment for our region. All grants from the Permanent Fund provide opportunity and help level the playing field for people who call Northern Virginia their home.

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There are a number of ways to support the Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia.
  1. Give Now! Make a donation below or complete this form to make a gift of cash or cash equivalents, noncash assets, appreciated securities, and to provide details on opening a new named fund.
  2. Support the Permanent Fund through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  3. Designate the Permanent Fund as a Beneficiary on your banking or retirement accounts or insurance policies.

See more information here about the ways to make current and planned gifts to leave a lasting legacy for future generations

Thank you for your contribution to the region’s future!

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