Insight Region®

The Center for Community Research at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

Insight Region
Launched in 2020, Insight Region® is the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s center for community research. It is a growing hub for reliable, well-researched, and actionable data and analyses on issues critical to the region.

In 2021, is focused on understanding and promoting Inclusive Prosperity – increasing self-sufficiency, expanding economic opportunity, and forging pathways for long-term movements out of poverty for all of Northern Virginia’s residents.

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Ready for Kindergarten, Ready for Life

October 28, 2021

This event launched the report Ready for Kindergarten, Ready for Life: The causes and consequences of Northern Virginia's preschool enrollment disparityWatch the full event below, hosted by Elizabeth Hughes, Senior Director of Insight Region®, and featuring experts on early childhood education policy as well as stories from parents and providers.