An Endowment for our Region's Future

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The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia is a permanent community endowment that will help shape the future of the region.

Support One of these Existing Permanent Community Endowments and Help Grow its Impact:

The Unrestricted Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

The Aging Fund
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The Child and Youth Development Fund
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The Education Fund
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The Emergency Relief Fund

The Environment Fund
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Healthy Kids Fund
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The Innovation Fund
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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Fund
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The Mental Health Fund
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The Military Personnel and their Families Fund
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The Safety Net Fund
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The Scholarship Fund for Northern Virginia

The Racial Justice and Equity Fund for Northern Virginia

The Ross Roberts Fund for the Arts
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If you’d rather not give online, complete this form to Give NOW and make a gift of cash or cash equivalents, noncash assets, or appreciated securities.

Create a New Permanent Community Endowment in Your Name

You can open your own named fund for as little as $10,000 that forever benefits the field of interest you care about.
Complete this very simple questionnaire to provide basic information on your charitable intent, and our philanthropy team will contact you.
I am interested in supporting the following areas in Northern Virginia (select all that apply):
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Contact the Community Foundation to learn more about these options.
  1. Make a gift from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) by contacting your financial advisor or trust company and requesting a form to transfer your IRA gift directly to The Permanent Fund.
  2. Designate the Permanent Fund as a Beneficiary on your banking or retirement accounts or insurance policies.
  3. Make a Bequest in your Will or Trust and leave a lasting legacy to the region.

Support the Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia

And Help Shape the Future of the Region

For more information please contact Michael Barret Jones, Chief Philanthropy Officer at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

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