Community Leadership

Insight Region™

The Center for Community Research at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

CFNV InsightCenterLogo WebInsight Region™ is an independent research center at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia that analyzes local trends, convenes civic leaders, and promotes civic and social action that the Community Foundation launched in 2020.
Alberto Ibargüen, the head of the Knight Foundation, once said this:
“Community Foundations were created to meet the core needs of communities. In a democracy, information is a core need.”
Better local data leads to a common understanding the region’s strengths and weaknesses. It enables more productive and rigorous conversations. This data platform will enable the community to better advocate for itself and its needs.

This Center will become a key contributor to reliable local analytics, stronger community insights, and better outcomes, ultimately making our region more prosperous, inclusive and strong.

The community will be invited to participate in data launch events, and all data collected through Insight Region™ will be made available for free.

Tara NadelQuestions?
Please contact Elizabeth Hughes, Senior Director of Insight Region
703 865 5002  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.