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BOWS Girls - Supporting families in Loudoun County

BOWS, which stands for Being One Who Serves, was co-founded in 2012 by several middle school girls from the Belmont community in Ashburn, VA who wanted to find fun and creative ways to help families of need in Loudoun County. During the 6 years they participated, they raised over $7000.00 for these families in their local middle school community and the Loudoun Impact Fund.

Their main fundraiser has always been decorating mailboxes during the winter holiday season with pine and big, colorful homemade bows. They have also raised money through bake sales and car washes. When the original group of girls became high school seniors, they passed the torch to another group of neighborhood middle school girls. Currently, in 2020, this group of 9th grade BOWS girls is in their third year fundraising for the Loudoun Impact Fund by decorating mailboxes for the holidays, raising over $2000.00 to date. They are excited to carry on the tradition of helping support the needs of families, children, and youth in Loudoun County!

Questions about this group can be directed to Josiah Day, Director of Donor Relations at the Community Foundation.

*Please note that donor(s)' contact information, including address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, will be shared with the current organizer of BOWS.
BOWS1The current group of 9th grade BOWS girls: Left to Right: Sophia Steele, Bella Hajjo, Ava Zulandi, Shannon Gordon, Talia Lytle, Miriam Frank, Peyton Luman
BOWS2Some of the current BOWS girls fundraising on foot during the COVID-19 pandemic: Left to Right: Peyton Luman, Shannon Gordon, Miriam Frank, Bella Hajjo
BOWS3The original sixth grade BOWS girls who co-founded the service group in 2012. They went on to raise over $7000.00 for the Loudoun Impact Fund and local families in need throughout their middle and high school years.

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