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Yolonda Pajot Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer

Established: April 8, 2020

Yolonda PajotYolonda Swanson Pajot was born and raised in Woodbine, Maryland, and spent her adult life working and living in the National Capital Region. She was a dedicated civil servant and a person who touched the lives of everyone she met. Yolonda always put others ahead of herself, even towards the very end of her life.

Upon graduation from South Carroll High School, Sykesville, Maryland, Yolonda joined the Atomic Energy Commission in 1968. 46 years later, she retired from the U.S. Department of Energy. She was passionate about her work and this was demonstrated by her dedication in getting things done, done on time, and accurately. She was a person that always recognized and awarded those she supervised.

Yolonda also took on the responsibility of taking care of her family. While working fulltime, she took care of parents who were dealing with health issues. Outside of work and family responsibilities, she enjoyed reading, gardening, taking care of her home and husband Jean-Louis, and loved her 2 cats Randy and Shadow.

During her battle with ovarian cancer, she befriended the doctors, nurses, and nurses’ assistants that took care of her and because of this relationship that developed over time, the Yolonda Pajot Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer has been created.

The Yolonda Pajot Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer (Fund) is funded to recognize the following 4 pillars: Continuing Education – Scholarship for frontline Oncology Nurses to attend continuing education courses on oncology treatment; Family Assistance – Provide aid to patient and family members to cover unforeseen expenses; Palliative Care – Support cancer patients during treatment and recovery; and Critical Needs – Funding to medical and research centers that may have an urgent need for the care of ovarian cancer patients.

Your donation to this Fund not only will help those fighting ovarian cancer, it will fund continuing education for oncology nurses, and hopefully find a cure for this deadly disease. These ambitions goals and objectives are the things that Yolonda would have wanted to champion had she survived her battle with ovarian cancer.

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