Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund

LEAF 5Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund co-founders, Paty Funegra and Diana KatzThe Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund is dedicated to the promotion of and the investment in the civic engagement, education, economic success, naturalization, health, leadership development, volunteerism, and advocacy of the Latino community in Metro DC.

Inspired by a 2015 Aspen Institute Latinos & Society Program report entitled “Unlocking Latino Civic Potential: 2016 and Beyond,” two visionary Northern Virginia leaders, Paty Funegra and Diana Katz, formed this committee advised fund at the Community Foundation to create a source of strategic, permanent funding that will strengthen and encourage the Latino community, both now and into the future.

Thank you for your donation to support this Fund, of which 75% will be placed in an endowment to forever benefit the Latino community and 25% will be leveraged for current grantmaking.

LEAF Impact Circle

The LEAF Impact Circle includes our most dedicated supporters who have stepped forward to invest in LEAF’s work with an annual gift of $1,000 or more. Through their gift LEAF Impact Circle members develop Latino leadership in the Metro DC. They know that engaging more Latinos in local philanthropy and encouraging giving to LEAF will accelerate Latino influence in the region’s civic life. They know that a stronger Latino community, means a stronger Metro DC for all.

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