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Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund (LEAF)

Providing funds for local nonprofits that support the Latino population’s path to civic integration in American society

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LEAF LogoIn 2015, the Aspen Institute convened a diverse group of scholars, experts and leaders to examine the causes of low civic participation in the Latino community. The discussion and subsequent report titled, “Unlocking Latino Civic Potential: 2016 and Beyond,” highlighted future challenges to the health of our democracy without full participation by all citizens, particularly Latinos.

In response to this report, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia established the Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund (LEAF). Its purpose is to provide funding for local nonprofits that are supporting the Latino population’s path to civic integration in American society.

Thank you for your donation to support this Fund, of which 75% will be placed in an endowment to forever benefit the Latino community and 25% will be leveraged for current grantmaking.

Examples of possible ideas from the Unlocking Latino Civic Potential report:
  • Promote or fund the development of educational games, apps, and books that teach civics
  • Collaborations that promote and invest in English proficiency programs that include civic education
  • Develop a set of non-traditional indicators of civic engagement to better capture the ways that Latinos engage civically

LEAF’s intention is to:
  • Encourage the adoption of new ideas around English proficiency and civic education
  • Encourage discussions and partnerships among nonprofits that serve Latino immigrants to give rise to new approaches
  • Encourage new thought that yields a diverse set of initiatives around civic education that leads to citizenship and the teaching of English to Latino adults.

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The Community Foundation is not currently running competitive grant cycles through LEAF.

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