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LdnImpactLogo LARGEThe Northern Virginia Community Foundation needs you to join us in meeting Loudoun's most critical needs:
  • The recent economic downturn has placed a tremendous strain on newly unemployed as well as low-income and disadvantaged families in Loudoun County.
  • Food banks are reporting a record numer of clients.  Loudoun Interfaith Relief feeds 10,800 meals to 1,200 Loudoun County children in one month.  The total amount of food they give out is staggering.
  • Homeless shelters report having many families in them who have never been homeless before because of unemployment and foreclosures.
  • The demand for emergency payment for medicines, for doctor visits and hospital care, for utility shut off prevention, and for eviction prevention is up 50 to 100% across the entire system in Loudoun County.

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