Giving & Investing
Donor advised funds provide a number of benefits that direct donations to a charity may not, including:
  • The ability to accept and process appreciated securities on which the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax.
  • A variety of investment options allowing the contribution to potentially grow over time.
  • The capacity to receive one block of securities that can benefit multiple charities.
  • The creation of a legacy versus providing a one-time gift.
  • A separation of tax planning and charitable giving, which provides a full tax deduction to the donor when the contribution is made but enables the donor to recommend grants from the fund for years to come and even beyond the donor’s lifetime.
  • A single contribution that benefits multiple charities while only requiring one tax substantiation letter.
  • An avenue for families to actively participate in the grant-making process together.
  • A long-term vehicle for philanthropy in one or more area(s) of interest without needing to determine the recipient at one time.
  • Pooled funds for investment management purposes, which minimizes costs while achieving a greater return, making it possible for smaller individual funds to enjoy the same economies of scale as large independent foundations.