To support the growing needs of military personnel and their families. 

The Military Fund will not be running a competitive grant cycle in 2018.  It has recently made a multi-year grant to Serving Together to support the coordination of services for Northern Virginia's Military Veterans and their families.

Grants from the Military Personnel and Their Families Fund provide capacity building, program, and general support to nonprofits providing services in Northern Virginia.  For more information, please see the Community Foundation's report "Supporting Our Region's Veterans," published in June of 2014.

Why: The needs of today’s returning veterans are very different from the needs of veterans of prior wars. Today, a full 55% of our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are married and 40% have children. And the majority (63%) of them live off military installations in home based communities where access to covered medical care and other benefits of service is difficult to obtain.

As military personnel and their families transition from their active duty employment, lifestyle, support systems, and services into the community at large, they are experiencing cultural and communication barriers to successful reintegration. In many cases, employment, health, and educational services are available but the intended recipients are unaware of these services or unable to access them. 

How: The Military Personnel and Their Families Fund supports programs providing services to active duty military personnel, veterans and their families, including programs that aid service members in the successful transition from military to civilian life, and programs that support and strengthen active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Designate "Military Personnel & Their Families" when making a Community Investment Funds donation to support this critical need.

“Returning veteran unemployment at twice the national average; eighteen veteran suicides a day; and ten percent of the homeless comprised of single veteran moms; that's why we make the Military Personnel and Their Families one of our primary areas of giving.”

- David & Carol Young, Supporters of the Military Personnel and Their Families Fund