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Northern Virginia and the DC Metro Area is one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the country.

A Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Program in partnership with the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

In 2020, an estimated 17 percent of the region's workers identified as Asian-Pacific Islander, 16 percent as Hispanic, 12 percent as Black, and 51 percent as White. Thirty-five percent immigrated from another country. Just over half of workers (53 percent) were male, and 47 percent were female. About 11 percent of NOVA workers who completed the Census’s household pulse survey in 2021 identified as LGBTQ+.

Despite this tremendous diversity, we know that economic power has not been distributed evenly across the region. For example, while about half of workers in the region identify as White...
  • 67 percent of businesses with paid staff are under White ownership (see our report on minority-owned businesses here)
  • 66 percent of managers in Northern Virginia are White; 40 percent are White men (2015-19 ACS)
  • 69 percent of workers who earn more than $150,000 per year are White; 50 percent are White men (ACS 2020)
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, in partnership with the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce's leadership, are committed to catalyzing more inclusive systems of economic growth throughout the region, reflective of the full breadth of our diverse community. To support these broad goals, the two organizations have partnered together to develop the Greater Washington Champions for Accountability badge.

The badge recognizes employers in Northern Virginia that have taken the first step toward corporate diversity: they are willing to collect, share, and act on data about the demographic composition of their owners, senior staff, and boards. Badge holders will be recognized in a public directory of companies that have received the Greater Washington Champions for Accountability badge; those under diverse ownership-leadership will be acknowledged in a second directory of businesses with diverse leadership in Northern Virginia. These directories will be made available later in 2023.