Funding Opportunities

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia makes approximately $7 million in grants to more than 300 nonprofits every year. While many grants are made at the request of our 200+ donor advised fund representatives, the Community Foundation also manages a number of discretionary grant cycles which may vary each year.

Organizations may apply to multiple grant cycles during the year.  However, only one application in one focus area is accepted in the Community Investment Funds cycle.

The grant cycles include the following:

Business Women's Giving Circle
The Business Women's Giving Circle brings together engaged women who want to support positive change for girls and young women in our community. Launched in 2014, the BWGC invests in innovative programs, connects meaningfully with members and grantees, and inspires others to join the power of collective philanthropy.  BWGC has awarded $230,500 to organizations providing exciting experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Leadership and Entrepreneurship with measurable impact on the lives of over 1,300 girls and young women in Northern Virginia.

Community Investment Funds - NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
The Community Investment Funds are the signature grant cycle managed by the Community Foundation in which funds are invested in organizations serving the Northern Virginia community in the areas of child and youth development, education, health, mental health and aging, military personnel and their families, and poverty relief.

Environment Fund
The mission of the Environment Fund is to protect, restore and improve the natural environment of Northern Virginia, thereby enhancing the health and quality of life of its citizens and the economy of the region. The first grants from the fund were awarded in early 2018, and that grant applications will be by invitation only.

Giving Circle of HOPE
The Giving Circle of HOPE seeks to create positive change in Northern Virginia through collective and engaged philanthropy. Since its inception in 2004, GCH has given nearly $1 million to nonprofit organizations in Northern Virginia. Please see the GCH website for more information about this annual grant cycle.        

Healthy Kids Grants
Healthy Kids Grants help public schools encourage healthy lifestyles through increased exercise and better nutrition, supported by the Chin Family Charitable Fund and the J.O.Y. Charitable Fund, donor advised funds with the Community Foundation.

Innovation Fund
The Innovation Fund at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia Invests in inventiveness, creativity and new designIt uses a venture philanthropy model of grant making in which donors to the Innovation Fund, in partnership with the Community Foundation board and staff, find investment opportunities in Northern Virginia.

Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund (LEAF)
The Latino Engagement and Achievement Fund was developed to promote and invest in the civic engagement, education, economic success, naturalization, health, leadership development, volunteerism, and advocacy of  the Latino community in the Metro DC region.

Loudoun Impact Fund
The Loudoun Impact Fund is a giving circle comprised of Loudoun County citizens and corporations that invests strategically to promote education, the arts and the environment, and to support the needs of Loudoun families, children and youth.

Micron Opportunity Fund
The Micron Opportunity Fund provides grants to nonprofits and public school systems in Northern Virginia that provide education, skills acquisition, and mentoring for underrepresented and under-funded student populations in the field of engineering, technology, and overall STEM. 

NOVA Parks - Hemlock Overlook Field Trip Grant Program
NOVA Parks offers a $1,000 grant program for 5th and 6th grade public school students to experience the great outdoors! In cooperation with Adventure Links, NOVA Parks introduces students to a quiet wilderness with impressive possibilities at the 228-acre Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.  See the NOVA Parks website for more information about this annual grant cycle.

The Our Children Fund was created to provide financial assistance for "normalizing" items and experiences to children in the Fairfax County foster care system.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts 
The mission of the Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts is to celebrate, promote, and support the arts in Northern Virginia.

Grant Cycle Calendar

The following is an approximate calendar of our annual grant cycles throughout the year.  If you would like to receive an email from us when a grant cycle opens, including any additional grant opportunities that may arise, please sign up here.

Funding Opportunity




Business Women's Giving Circle

July September December
Community Investment Funds


February May
Environment Fund

By invitation Only

Giving Circle of HOPE

May July November
Healthy Kids Grants

April June September
Innovation Fund

By Invitation Only    
Latino Engagement and Achievement
Fund (LEAF)

August October February
Loudoun Impact Fund


October November

Micron Opportunity Fund

September January February
NOVA Parks

January February April
Our Children Fund

Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
The Ross-Roberts Fund for the Arts

November January February