Giving & Investing

Finding a home for your cause.

For causes that need an extra hand when it comes to receiving and administrating charitable contributions, the Community Foundation is here for you. Rather than spending the time and capital required to set-up and manage complicated funding workflows and tasks, let us handle the admin so you can focus on your cause.

Establishing a fiscal sponsorship arrangement with the Community Foundation offers a way for a cause or project to attract donors even when it is not yet recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Donor Benefits:

  • Expert staff with in-depth knowledge to help develop your charitable giving strategy and goals
  • All gifts made to your fund are fully tax-deductible
  • The foundation will handle all the administrative and processing tasks associated with your grants and deposits to your fund
  • Flexible and strategic investment options
  • Exclusive educational and networking events for our donors and fund advisors
  • You may choose to name the fund after your nonprofit, building brand recognition as a component of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.
  • Access to your fund 24 hours a day through our secure online resource

Ready to get started? See a list of our current Fiscal Sponsorships below or visit our Establish a Fund page to get started.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fairfax County Computer Clubhouse Fiscal Sponsorship

Established: August 14, 2017
dedicated to supporting the Fairfax County Computer Clubhouse program to bring people and resources together to strengthen the well-being of individuals in Fairfax County.
Fiscal Sponsorship

NOVA Parks Outdoor Kids Fund

Established: November 18, 2016
awards grants to elementary schools, park and recreation departments, and nonprofits in Northern Virginia to support outdoor teambuilding, nature educatino and science education at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Clifton, VA and other suitable sites in Northern Virginia, in an effort to help children engage with nature in meaningful ways.
Fiscal Sponsorship

NVRC International Career Technical Education Exchange Fund

Established: July 31, 2023
addresses the transfer and application of innovative career technical education (CTE) and pedagogical innovations, workforce training and apprenticeship programs in the field of environmental technology from German-based and other European companies to Northern Virginia. Special emphasis is given to supporting the involvement of educators and their students from economically disadvantaged communities.
Fiscal Sponsorship

Plant NOVA Natives Fund

Established: May 25, 2017
dedicated to suporting the Plant NOVA Natives campaign operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.