February 10, 2022
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia released its 2020-2021 Annual Report, “Resilience” which highlights how our local economy has adapted under pandemic-related pressures. Our social and safety net structures have held and even expanded their relief efforts.

During the past year, our local government supported those most adversely impacted by the pandemic with new and innovative programs. This report reflects the ties that bind and their growing strength across jurisdictions, sectors, faiths, races, ethnicities, and class.

“There is much yet to do. We have all been saddened and made weary by the virus and its terrible impact,“ said Eileen Ellsworth, president and CEO, of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. “But we have also found a quality of strength and inspiration in each other that has refueled and reanimated our purpose.”

During this past year, the Community Foundation launched Build Back Dream Forward, an initiative that featured events and investments dedicated to community resilience. We partnered with local economic development authorities to provide coaching, mentoring, and other support services for a regional cohort of immigrants and Black and brown-owned businesses.

Our Insight RegionTM, research center authored and published a seminal data-driven report called “Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses in Northern Virginia” that revealed data on the number and economic impact of these businesses. And we awarded a record level of support for our neediest, most vulnerable neighbors.

Each page of this annual report reflects the gift of community resilience, a generous donor base, an abiding desire to help, and a growing capacity to do so.

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