September 18, 2023

The 2023 Champions for Accountability Badge, awarded in partnership between the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, recognizes more than 40 employers willing to collect, share, and act on data about the diversity of their leadership. To receive the badge, an organization must operate in Virginia, Maryland, and/ or Washington DC; collect demographic data on board members and/or c-suite members and executives; and have completed the application by 31 August, 2023. By accepting their badges, the Champions commit to the following action:  

  1. Provide a voluntary, safe way for staff, senior leadership, and board members to provide self-identified demographic and share findings regularly with staff 
  1. Regularly review and update position descriptions/ requirements to widen the pool of potentially qualified candidates (this is also known as skills-based hiring) 
  1. Identify and recruit from candidate pools that represent a more diverse cross-section of talent 
  1. Develop clear, attainable pathways for staff to move into management and leadership positions 

Community Foundation President and CEO Eileen Ellsworth said, “This joint initiative between the Northern Virginia Chamber and the Community Foundation is an important one. We should celebrate how our regional business community has grown in this field, how we all learn from one another, and how we’ve improved our outcomes.” 

You can read a full copy of the report here.