September 10, 2020
EH headshot1 300x350Today, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia welcomes Elizabeth Hughes as the new Senior Director of Insight Region®, a research center at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia launched earlier this year that analyzes local trends, convenes civic leaders, and promotes civic and social action.

Elizabeth has spent her career at the intersection of research and policy, helping decision-makers sort through the noise and find relevant, actionable insights to help guide operations, maximize productivity, and achieve strategic goals.
“Through the collection and curation of relevant, reliable, and actionable data, Insight Region will allow the community to explore the unique strengths and needs that define this region and to understand how investments in programs and services can make Northern Virginia more resilient, healthy, and equitable,” said Hughes.
Prior to joining the Community Foundation, Hughes served as a researcher for the Pew Charitable Trusts, first as a Principal Associate with the Results First Initiative, which works with government leaders to support investments in evidence-based policies and programs, and as an Associate Manager of Research Review and Support, where she helped manage the review of all research conducted by the institution and advised policy teams on methodology, data, and general research methods. Hughes holds a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University.
“After a very thorough search we’re excited to welcome Elizabeth Hughes to lead Insight Region,” said Eileen Ellsworth, President and CEO at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. “Building a community that works for everyone means access to and analysis of data that not only points a way towards economic independence for all our residents, but also brokers their capabilities with the available open, living wage jobs in our local economy.”
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