November 17, 2022
Dear Friends and Donors:

We have two very special announcements to share with you today.

First, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia has just adopted a new mission statement to advance equity across the region by unleashing the power of philanthropy and community leadership.

Second, we have launched a new five-year strategic plan that establishes a road map of activities to help us achieve our mission. Created by the board and staff of the Community Foundation with input from members of our greater community, the plan is structured around four overarching pillars to guide our grantmaking, fundraising, and community leadership efforts:

PILLARS FINALOur focus on these four pillars will help us address root causes of economic and social inequities across our region. Income, race, ethnicity, and class divisions continue to create disparate social, economic, and health outcomes for Northern Virginians. Guided by this framework, the Community Foundation will be better positioned to help our community define, and then act on, the biggest challenges we face and the greatest opportunities we have to tackle inequitable systems.

We do nothing alone at the Community Foundation. The path forward means working in partnership with other like-minded institutions of renewal. Aligned with a common vision, we can grow and nurture trust across our divisions, invest in powerful programs, ideas, and solutions, and strengthen the ties that bind us to each other and to this place we all call home.

As always, we need your help, time, treasure, and talent to expand a shared vision of healing and hope. There is no Community Foundation without you.

To learn more about the Community Foundation’s new mission statement and strategic priorities, please visit our Strategic Plan page here for more information.