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December 15, 2020
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Business Women's Giving Circle (BWGC) today announced the winners of its annual grant cycle. A total of $60,000 in grants has been awarded to five local nonprofit organizations and schools that provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship programs to girls and young women in Northern Virginia. To date, BWGC has awarded more than $400,000 in grants that have impacted the lives of over 3,000 girls and young women in the region.

“Behind each SOHO girl who believes in herself is a circle of women who believed in her first. Because of you, girls will engage with and develop an interest in STEM, and build relationships with professional, caring adult women who foster positive identities and values,” said Linda Odell, Founder & Executive Director of Space of Her Own, Inc.

“The Women’s Giving Circle is pleased to again provide funding to five amazing groups who are working with girls and young women to promote activities that encourage their interest and participation in STEM,” said Tessie Wilson, Co-Chair of Business Women’s Giving Circle Grants Committee. “All of these groups have shown their ability to pivot in very trying times – providing not only STEM activities but also helping these girls and their families during the pandemic.”

“The innovation behind each of these programs is clear when you look at what each organization accomplished this past year and their goals for the coming year,” said Catherine F. Schott Murray, 2020 Chair of the Business Women’s Giving Circle. “Furthermore, by working together, our members and friends of the Circle are able to expand their philanthropic impact through the power of collective philanthropy.”

"The TrailsforYouth.Org (TYO) Girls Adventures in STEM Summer Camp mentors primarily girls of color from title-1 schools in fun challenges and activities that teach a variety of STEM concepts and applications through outdoor recreation and exploration,” said Julie Childers, Executive Director of TrailsforYouth.Org. “This program removes barriers preventing these girls from much-needed engaged learning and outdoor connectivity and we are incredibly grateful to the Business Women's' Giving Circle for their pivotal support."

“Thank you to members of the Business Women’s Giving Circle,” said Helen McCormick, Founder & President, The House, Inc. "In summoning your best selves, you inspired The House, Inc.’s EmpowerMEnt® Leadership Institute to do the same.”

The following organizations received grants:

Children’s Science Center: Latina SciGirls Program  – $10,000
Serving all of Northern Virginia
This grant will help support the Virtual Latina SciGirls project launching for the 2020-21 school year. Latinas in grades 3-6 from a Title I school will meet virtually for 8 weeks for a 2-hour session to interact with professional women in STEM and engage in hands-on activities.

Rosie Riveters  – $20,000      
Serving Arlington, Virginiarosie riveters photo girls at copy machine
This grant will support the continuation of distance learning STEM programs, including weekly digital STEM content, expanded virtual mentoring through Rosie Talks, Women in STEM interview series, and Rosie Innovators High School mentoring program.

Space of Her Own, Inc. – $10,000               
Space of Her Own Inc photo
Serving Alexandria, Virginia
This grant will help build quality one-to-one mentoring relationships, increase developmental assets/life skills, and STEM and arts learning and appreciation in 100 girls’ grades 6th-9th and engage 24 fifth graders in STEM through carpentry and technology classes.

The House, Inc.  – $10,000
Serving all of Northern Virginia
The House Inc grantee photoThis grant will support a girls-only EmpowerMent Finance and Business Analytics Certificate summer course program offering girls in 6th - 12th grades the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of math components with quantitative and analytical skills.

Trails for Youth.Org – $10,000Trails of Youth grantee photo
Serving all of Northern Virginia
This grant will support Girls Adventures in STEM Summer Camp, a week-long outdoor camp that uses nature, hands-on engagement, and recreation to teach a variety of STEM concepts.

The Business Women’s Giving Circle will celebrate the 2020 grantees in January 2021. The date and time have yet to be determined. For more information about BWGC please visit: or