March 7, 2018
Cheryl Janey This interview is with Cheryl Janey, Community Foundation Board member, BWGC member, Gala sponsor, and Community Foundation Diversity Task Force member.

You are a Diversity Task Force member. What is this role and how have you been involved?

The Diversity Task Force originated under the leadership of the last Board chair, Paul Leslie. It began as a result of a conversation where we discussed the need for the Community Foundation to better reflect the changing make up of Northern Virginia —and to focus on doing so at the board level, the staff level, the donor level, and so on. Paul took the important step to create a Diversity Committee as a subcommittee of the board. The results have been incredible with new board members, new funds, honorees, all because we chose to take a hard look at ourselves and respond to local need. I could not be prouder to have been a part of this effort and realize that sometimes having the ‘tough conversation’ really does result in change!

Can you tell us about your involvement in the Business Women's Giving Circle?

I am currently in my second year as a member of the Business Women’s Giving Circle (BWGC), I have participated in evaluating grants in 2017, and I feel that these are great opportunities to meet a widely variant cross section of women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Can you tell us about your involvement with the Gala over the years?

I have now attended five Galas and am thrilled and encouraged to see the growth in diversity of attendees, donors and recognition over the years! I have worked on one gala committee organizing and soliciting donations. The Galas have grown and embraced new donors and raised awareness of the fabulous work of the Community Foundation, and the 2017 Gala truly reflected the incredible diversity of our region! I look forward to the Gala this fall where we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Community Foundation.

What does it mean to you to support these local needs?

Northern Virginia is my adopted home of more than 22 years. My son is a true Virginian, born in Fairfax, and my husband, Michael Calhoun, and I want this to be a thriving, welcoming place to work and live. We are deeply dedicated to offering the lift to others to help them catapult to a new, exciting future. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before us and feel a deep sense of commitment to helping others achieve. I strongly believe that grounding and challenging us I look to Luke 12:48 which reads in part ”… And to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required…”

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