March 19, 2021
Dear friends,

Like many of you, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia is saddened at the rise of Anti-Asian violence as most recently evidenced by the murders of 6 Asian American women in Atlanta Georgia.

Below are two statements, one from the Asian American Chamber of Commerce in Northern Virginia and one from the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce, that we would like to share with you. They are heartbreaking testaments to the devastation and fear being suffered by our Asian American / Pacific Islander neighbors.

We are one community, one region. When we choose to care about what happens to each other, everything shifts. Please take a moment to share some words of comfort and support with your AAPI friends and neighbors and with the leaders of these 2 critical chambers of commerce that serve our region.

Thank you!

The Board and Staff of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

Asian American Chamber of Commerce

The Asian American Chamber of Commerce is saddened by the recent crimes and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and AAPI business owners that have been rising in our society during the pandemic.

We advocate an end to violence, along with respect and tolerance for everyone in our diverse nation who contributes to our great American society.

We urge the government to provide a safe and inclusive environment for AAPI and people of all races and ethnicities and offer support to AAPI owned businesses and other businesses who are suffering tremendously due to the pandemic.

Amidst these adversities and challenging times, we are grateful to see the outpouring of support from government, corporations, community organizations, and people from all races anVd ethnicities. We have a boundless hope that we can prevail over these adversities and rise above by uniting together and nourishing an environment with love, respect, compassion and safety for all.

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce

The Atlanta massacre having deepened the wounds that had inflicted upon Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) all over the United States, Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce stands with all Americans of Asian descent across the nation during this national social crisis.

As research data had showed that there were more than 3,800 incidences of hate crimes that were committed against our community, with AAPI women being in increasing greater number as victims of violence, six of the recent victims from the Atlanta tragedy are women.

Although the gunman accused of the crimes are stating that his actions were not racially motivated, and the police has not ruled out that the crimes were race based, the United States must remember to not ignore our community suffering and existence. The United States must take this opportunity to address and stop all acts of violence and hate crimes toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Words are important: Actions speak louder. We are calling for all our policy makers to present real policy changes to assure the elimination of bias and xenophobia against our communities and efforts to diminish the vast accomplishments of our communities to the U.S society.

AAPIs, as Americans, continue to make strong social, cultural, and economic contributions to the American and world economies, meanwhile hate crimes against our community across the nation continue to rise each day since the onset of the pandemic.

This crisis is becoming overwhelming. It is hurting our future AAPI young generations. This institution of hate toward AAPIs cannot be tolerated and the climate of hostility toward our community must stop. Now we all must come together to stand against hate of all types and discrimination and attacks upon AAPI businesses and communities. Our businesses and communities are living in fear.

We thank our law enforcement for doing your best to protect us. Nobody must go through this painful experience, to be blamed for the cause of a virus.

Moving forward Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce stands united with all AAPI communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the Mid-Atlantic, and across the nation; AAPI community partners, AAPI Chamber allies, our Law Enforcement community, as well as with members from the African American, Hispanic, Native American, and the rest of the American mainstream communities to advocate for immediate solutions and healing

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce calls for a full review of our American policies on civil rights across the land to assure that a comprehensive system be in place to erase the systematic shameful history of bigotry and racial discrimination in America.