July 15, 2022
“We would hope that the recipient of this scholarship will have earned it so long as they have worked hard in studies, and have determination and a goal in life. That they have helped in community service like volunteer work where it is needed. The recipient will have honored their parents and have been a team working taking pride in their performance, with a willingness to help others.” -Virginia and Cameron Dye

In 2022, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve given out nearly a half a million dollars in scholarships. This represents the Community Foundation’s largest ever anything in all areas- the largest number of applicants, the largest number of scholars, donations, and awards. Each year, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia awards more than $300,000 in awards to more than 100 students seeking a higher education. Though all scholarships are different, the recipients often carry on the wishes of Virginia and Cameron Dye. These young adults seeking a higher education are already becoming generational leaders, thinkers, and doers.

With such a large number of awardees, it can be hard to visualize what this impact means on a personal level. At a scholarships celebration hosted by the Community Foundation, past recipient May Recpicio said “Scholarships validate every believer and risk-taker. A student realizes that someone believes in their chances, their ability to have a fair shot.” Of course, not everyone is able to take that risk- the finances of higher education can be a barrier, sometimes family situations happen, and sometimes, sadly, tragedy strikes.

Eltaf Samim, awarded a William J. Foreman Memorial Scholarship, gave the final words at the celebration, saying “It’s on us to continue the dreams of those who have been unable to do so,” expressing his gratitude for the award, and how humbled he was that Louise and Mark Foreman used their grief to create a lasting legacy in honor of their late son. After his speech, Eltaf and Mrs. Foreman embraced and ate dinner together.

Whether these awards are handed out on a one-off basis, or are for renewal awards, every one of these scholars will move forward with lessons they can apply for the rest of their lives. The door has been opened, and now they have an easier go at stepping through.