February 12, 2019

TEDx Tysons Talk Released

Eileen TEDx imageHave you ever wondered what motivates individual charitable giving? Why do people behave in such an altruistic or seemingly altruistic manner? Eileen Ellsworth, President and CEO of Community Foundation for Northern Virginia recently took the TEDx stage to deliver a fresh perspective on “Why we give – The need to connect and belong.” In this thought-provoking presentation Ellsworth shares a collection of eye-opening stories that reveal a new insight — that perhaps explains why do people give?

“Our desire to give comes from a primal need to connect, to belong, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves,” Ellsworth said.

Since becoming the President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia in 2005, Ellsworth has helped reinvent and reimagine the Community Foundation’s work and purpose. Today, it is an influential social and civic voice that helps grow local philanthropy and lead and convene the community.

In recent years Ellsworth has crafted and driven the Community Foundation’s community leadership role, launching a myriad of informative data driven publications and events to help inform and inspire our community.

In February of 2018, the Community Foundation launched its first Opportunity Index for Northern Virginia, a data rich dashboard for 29 separate indicators reflecting the region’s health and well-being which will be updated annually to illustrate emerging trends.

To view "“Why we give – The need to connect and belong.” please click here.