June 4, 2018
Ali Culhane, Get2Green Program Specialist and Donna Volkmann, Get2Green Resource Teacher, talk about the Get2Green Program

101714 1027photo credit Donnie Biggs/FCPS

Tell us about the Get2Green program.

Get2Green is the division-wide sustainability program for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). It was formed in 2010 by a group of principals who were passionate about environmental education and sustainability. Since then, Get2Green has expanded to engage the majority of schools in FCPS with a goal to expand access to hands-on environmental programs to all FCPS students. The program now has two dedicated staff members and works to engage students across Fairfax County in hands-on environmental learning with the ultimate goal of FCPS students graduating as global citizens and good stewards of our environment.

111501 1333photo credit Donnie Biggs/FCPS

How will the grant from the Community Foundation be used?

The grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia Environment Fund will help expand access to environmental education programs throughout FCPS. Get2Green is partnered with the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program, which provides a framework for student-driven teams to identify and address environmental issues at their school. Get2Green will use this grant to incentivize the formation of new teams by providing a starter resource kit to schools that are establishing a new program through Eco-Schools. Support will also be provided to establish Eco-Schools that need additional help to continue their programs.

What else would you like to share about Get2Green?

The Get2Green website (http://get2green.fcps.edu/) launched in fall 2016. The site includes general information about sustainability in FCPS; data dashboards with energy, recycling, and greenhouse gas data for each school and FCPS as a whole; guidelines for schools working on environmental stewardship projects; and resources for schools. The website has been successful in engaging more students and teachers in hands-on and data-driven learning. It serves as a resource and model for other districts building their own sustainability programs.
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