November 30, 2017
Grant for Friends of Loudoun Mental Health Supports Residents
Friends of Loudoun Mental Health received a $10,000 grant in 2017 from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Community Investment Funds grant cycle to support Loudoun County residents disabled by mental illness through housing subsidies. They shared the following testimonial to demonstrate the impact of this support on their clients and the community.

Friends of Loudoun Mental Health has been honored to receive a Community Investment Funds grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. The funds are supporting A Place To Call Home, a homelessness prevention program for Loudoun County residents who are suffering with mental illness and are in treatment. The impact is transformational for the people who get the stability of staying in their homes and not risk becoming homeless. The best way to share the impact is through a couple of our recent client testimonials.

"I just wanted to say that with the help I received I was able to catch up with some of my other bills. Also, I was able to not have as much stress on me about money. I was also able to buy my children school supplies they needed (it felt good to do that myself). This help was so appreciated. I thank you all so very much for the support and help." Sincerely, CJ and family

"I want to tell you that I am feeling much more than just a little blessed. I am so grateful for this incredible gift. You helped me over a huge hurdle on the way to independent living, something I have been waiting for and working towards for seven years. Thank you so very much for helping to make this dream come true. Also, thank you for all you do and all the people you serve with mental illness." Sincerely, HM

The help our clients receive through "A Place To Call Home" has a rippling effect like a stone being thrown in the water. The individual, their family and the community all benefit from keeping people in stable housing. This would not be possible without the generous grant support we receive from the Community Investment Funds through the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

Please consider a donation to the Community Investment Funds to support families in need, such as those served by the Friends of Loudoun Mental Health.