March 19, 2018

Grant to Support Adult Career Pathway Program

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia announced today a $25,000 grant from the Innovation Fund endowment for the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Adult Career Pathway Program (ACP). Northern Virginia Community College will use the grant to help defray the costs associated with certification testing for students in the ACP program.

IF Grants 2018

The ACP program offers adult students a structured support system, specifically designed to assist with navigating the unique challenges that adults face while attending college. Participants receive support and guidance through each step of their college experience. ACP creates a pathway for adult learners to earn a certificate, associate degree or other credentials that may help them secure a better job with a path toward advancement and greater economic security.

“Many individuals initially enter the workforce not knowing what career paths might be available to them until many years later. The same holds for new Americans who migrate to this country with hopes of finding their own unique path,” said NOVA President Dr. Scott Ralls. “There are also individuals who personally feel the impact of a fast-changing economy; where jobs that once guaranteed a family-supporting career are limited. NOVA’s ACP program was designed with all these potential students in mind.”

The ACP program will partner with regional nonprofits who seek to help low-income adults attain self-sufficiency. All NOVA students enrolled in the ACP program are referred by local nonprofits such as Homestretch, Inc. and others, to receive training to improve their technology skills. The ACP program also provides students interested in STEM programs with assistance in enrolling at NOVA, applying for financial aid, preparing for college placement tests, identifying career goals and pathways, developing an individual plan of education or training and troubleshooting academic issues.

“We are thrilled to support NOVA with this grant,” said Eileen Ellsworth, Community Foundation President and CEO. “The skills based training offered by NOVA, combined with the acquisition of industry certifications, will have an immediate impact on the program participants, giving them a foothold into the workforce and provide a stepping stone to an Associates Degree from NOVA.”

The Community Foundation’s Innovation Fund is a discretionary fund that invests in inventiveness, creativity and new design across Northern Virginia. This is the first grant from the Innovation Fund endowment that was established in 2017.