July 26, 2022
In 2022, the Community Foundation has been focused on supporting access to mental health care for Northern Virginia’s diverse community. As the 988 number is rolled out across the country, it’s imperative for all sectors- particularly community-based organizations and nonprofits- to understand the depth of the challenges everyday Northern Virginians face, and what our roles in the solutions are.

What We’ve Done

Mental Health Fund Campaign- raised $121,000 to build the first permanent fund dedicated to the mental health needs of Northern Virginians.

Shape of the Region Conference- Partnered with 17 regional organizations to present data and address needed change in the mental health systems of our region to address inequitable access to care.

Insight Region: “Finding our way Back to Mental Health” report. Presented regionally to cross-sector audiences, statewide through the Virginia Funder’s Network, with interest throughout the Mid-Atlantic through a presentation to JLL’s Mid-Atlantic Black Professionals Network.

Exploration of Mental Health Training Opportunities- for Community Foundation staff and regional partners to increase awareness and pathways to care.


New Funders Collaborative: VPN Mental Health working group, led by the Path Foundation launches a new statewide funders collaborative made up of almost exclusively private foundations. Mark Constantine, President and CEO of the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, credits our Community Foundation for focusing philanthropy on the issue, saying “This would not be happening but for the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

Tu Consejeria: Through Innovation Fund support with mental health focus- this will result in a resource that strives to be more culturally competent for Spanish-speakers in the region to access affordable mental health care in 2 minutes or less.


988 Number

Mental Health Trainings

APA Notice. Talk. Act.


Mental Health First Aid.

Resource Page on CFNOVA Website.