January 12, 2023
BlackGirlsHack students participate in an ethical hacking experience.
The Micron Opportunity Fund is the result of a collaboration between the Community Foundation and Micron Technology, Inc, to strengthen STEM learning through efforts to build knowledge systems, and capacity in Northern Virginia by ensuring underserved students have access to high-quality STEM learning experiences. 

Tennisha Martin, Executive Director of BlackGirlsHack, told the Community Foundation “BlackGirlsHack is excited to partner with the Micron Opportunity Fund to deliver quality ethical hacking and STEM education to the children in Northern Virginia. BlackGirlsHack is using ethical hacking, Capture the Flag, and CompTIA Security+ training to help get more girls and members of underserved communities certified and eligible for careers in Cybersecurity. We look forward to developing, implementing and expanding this program with the help of the Micron Opportunity Fund.” 

This project will hold weekly sessions to introduce our K-6 students to STEM and engineering basic skills through participation in a year-long LEGO Challenge. The year will culminate with team projects which will be on public display in Vienna, and all participants will be recognized.

BGH Foundation dba BlackGirlsHack
To provide a hands-on cybersecurity educational program which will introduce ethical hacking, and careers n cybersecurity, with the opportunity to test and pass an entry level cybersecurity certification.
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