October 27, 2023
During Eileen Ellsworth's 18 years as President and CEO of the Community Foundation, the Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia grew from $60,000 to $26,844,000.  The Community Foundation now relies upon several permanent community endowments that greatly benefit the nonprofits and other charitable programs serving the people who live here. Watch this video in which Eileen shared her vision for the Permanent Fund a few years ago:

In 2017, Eileen and her husband Bob Weil established the Ellsworth Weil Family Fund for Northern Virginia. All of the Fund’s assets are part of the unrestricted Permanent Fund. Therefore, 5% of the Fund’s assets are used every year to help meet the most critical needs of the region.   

Your gift will not only honor Eileen and her entire family. It will help build a forever source of critical support for our most vulnerable neighbors.