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Janey Cheryl head shot close upJaney Cheryl This interview is with Cheryl Janey, Community Foundation Board member, BWGC member, Gala sponsor, and Community Foundation Diversity Task Force member

You are a Diversity Task Force member. What is this role and how have you been involved? 

The Diversity Task Force originated under the leadership of the last Board chair, Paul Leslie. It began as a result of a conversation where we discussed the need for the Community Foundation to better reflect the changing make up of Northern Virginia —and to focus on doing so at the board level, the staff level, the donor level, and so on. Paul took the important step to create a Diversity Committee as a subcommittee of the board.  The results have been incredible with new board members, new funds, honorees, all because we chose to take a hard look at ourselves and respond to local need. I could not be prouder to have been a part of this effort and realize that sometimes having the ‘tough conversation’ really does result in change!

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Opportunity Index Logo SmallThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia launched the Opportunity Index web site and associated report in February 2018. 

Tell us about the Opportunity Index. 

The Opportunity Index for Northern Virginia is an interactive dashboard to serve as a data resource for community knowledge and strategic philanthropic giving, and to help grow philanthropy for our most economically disadvantaged populations. 

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Elledge Brandon 72Brandon H. ElledgeThis interview is with Brandon H. Elledge, Community Foundation Board member, investment committee and Loudoun Impact Fund member, and Permanent Fund donor. He is a partner in Holland & Knight's Northern Virginia office in Tysons Corner.

Can you tell us about your support of the Permanent Fund and what it means to you?

My wife Amy and I decided to support the Permanent Fund last year, and frankly it was an easy decision to make.  This was our way to - in the words of the Community Foundation - "give like it matters."  The Community Foundation, with its knowledge, trust, and networks developed over 40 years of effective philanthropy in the region, can use our and the other continuing donations to the Permanent Fund to help transform these gifts into a meaningful impact on peoples' lives throughout Northern Virginia.  To make a difference in the area we call home is very meaningful to us.  We also believe the Permanent Fund is an important strategic asset for the Foundation with its various other donor-advised funds.

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casaA $10,000 grant in 2017 helped support Casa Chirilagua's Kids Club Program.Casa Chirilagua received a $10,000 grant in 2017 from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Community Investment Funds grant cycle to support its Kids Club and Summer Kids Club programs.  They shared the following testimonial to demonstrate the impact of this support on its community.

In front of her peers and community, Anna’s* mother and father begin their address to her, “Dear Anna —,” immediately they pause to collect themselves, their eyes welling up with tears. “We want to congratulate you on your first achievement in school. Your education is the best gift that we as parents can give you. We want you to keep on being a hardworking student, responsible, obedient, and respectful. We want you to fly high … because you have the opportunity and support from us. Our greatest pride is seeing you get an education. We love you.”

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AART Samuel currently in Fairfax county site CoppermineKhaleelAll Ages Read Together received an $8,500 grant in 2017 from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Community Investment Funds grant cycle to support its work to assist more than 20 percent of children in Fairfax County who enter kindergarten without exposure to preschool.  They shared the following testimonial to demonstrate the impact of this support on their community.

All Ages Read Together is so grateful for the grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia to support our efforts to help students acquire early literacy, cognitive, social, fine motor, and other skills essential for success.  AART provides free school readiness programs to low income children who are either on Head Start waiting lists or do not qualify for publicly funded programs.  These children would otherwise begin kindergarten with little or no exposure to reading or a classroom setting.

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Culpepper Smith Francine photo edited 11.13.17FrancineThe Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation received a $10,000 grant in 2017 from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Community Investment Funds grant cycle to help vulnerable seniors living in Culpepper Gardens who can no longer afford the cost of assisted living care age in place.  They shared the following testimonial from one of their clients to demonstrate the impact of this support on its community.

 “Culpepper Garden is the best thing that has happened to my mother in her life,” says Shirl Smith, youngest daughter of Francine Smith.  After living in Culpepper Garden independent living for seven years, Francine began having memory problems and the family was concerned for her health and ability to care for herself.  Francine was reluctant to move into Assisted Living, but through the common sense and welcoming approach of staff working together with her family she agreed to accept more help with daily living and moved into Culpepper Garden assisted living in 2013.  

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dad with sonsFriends of Loudoun Mental Health received a $10,000 grant in 2017 from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Community Investment Funds grant cycle to support Loudoun County residents disabled by mental illness through housing subsidies.  They shared the following testimonial to demonstrate the impact of this support on their clients and the community.

Friends of Loudoun Mental Health has been honored to receive a Community Investment Funds grant from the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.  The funds are supporting A Place To Call Home, a homelessness prevention program for Loudoun County residents who are suffering with mental illness and are in treatment.  The impact is transformational for the people who get the stability of staying in their homes and not risk becoming homeless.  The best way to share the impact is through a couple of our recent client testimonials.

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In 2018 the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia celebrates its 40th Anniversary. We recently sat down with Janet Miller to learn more about the history of the Community Foundation, and her involvement as a former president. Janet currently serves as the Executive Director of the William S. Abell Foundation in Maryland.

Janet, can you tell us about your involvement with the Community Foundation?

I served as the president of the Community Foundation from 1994 through 2005. The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia was founded and supported by key community and business leaders, and elected officials, including: Til Hazel, Earl Williams, Dan Banniser, Ed Bersoff, Vince Callahan, Barry Dewberry, Jack Herrity, George Johnson, J. Lambert, Knox Singleton, and Jim Wordsworth. The board was made up of a wide variety of stakeholders over the years, and at times had more than seventy members. 

What were some of the most memorable initiatives or programs you were involved in while you were here?

I believe in 1994 the assets were under $1M so the main focus was to build awareness and raise assets, preferably endowed. We established the professional advisors council and presented programs quarterly. This truly was the main focus and work of the Community Foundation while I was there.  We had to have money before we could give away money.  

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vol pri wm 

Volunteer Prince William: Meeting Community Needs Through Volunteer Resources During 2017 Holiday Season

Mary Foley, Executive Director at Volunteer Prince William (http://www.volunteerprincewilliam.org/), states that they need volunteers for their holiday gift program.

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Alex logo 4 

Opportunities to Volunteer Locally During 2017 Holiday Season

Marion Brunken, Executive Director of Volunteer Alexandria (https://www.volunteeralexandria.org/) states that they manage a community toy drive benefitting approximately 300 families and 700 children.

Volunteer Alexandria needs volunteers, age 6 and older, to help sort, count and distribute toys on December 15 and 16. Visit https://www.volunteeralexandria.org/ for more information.

Volunteer Alexandria also holds a Community Toy Drive, November 13 – December 14, 2017. Volunteer Alexandria, in partnership with the City of Alexandria’s Fund for Alexandria’s Child, is inviting the community to help collect toys, games and books for families in need. Last year, 80+ businesses, congregations, condominium and apartment building, schools, other groups, and numerous individuals jubilantly organized holiday parties, toy collections, and asked friends and family members, as well as customers and bus riders to pitch in.

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