September 14, 2021
Healthier kids through access to exercise and better nutrition are the goals of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Healthy Kids Grants program. For 2021, the Community Foundation has awarded $18,981.93 in Healthy Kids Grants to 10 public Elementary and Middle School programs in Northern Virginia. Grants up to $2,000 will be used to support programs that promote healthy lifestyles through increased exercise or healthy nutrition. The grants are for the 2021-2022 school year.

Through the Healthy Kids Grants Program, the Community Foundation works to improve the health outcomes of children in our region. These grants are awarded directly to the schools, often for programs that individual teachers would like to implement to support their students.

One of this year’s grantees is Communities In Schools (CIS) NOVA, a nonprofit organization committed to surrounding students with community support, empowering them to stay in school, and helping them achieve their future goals, for a program at Glasgow Middle School.

“With the 2021 Healthy Kids grant, CIS NOVA will support Glasgow Middle School staff with the expansion of the Kiss My Kicks running club. This after-school program has successfully promoted healthy habits including distance running, and nutritional snacks since 2014,” said Destiny Delaware, Site Coordinator, Communities in Schools of NOVA.

The programs were chosen through a competitive grant application process and made possible by the Chin Family Charitable Fund and the J.O.Y. Charitable Fund.

The 2021-2022 school year is the 11th annual Healthy Kids Grants cycle. To date, The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia has awarded nearly $170,000 in Healthy Kids grants. To learn more about our Healthy Kids Grants program visit here.

2021 Healthy Kids Grants Recipients:

Alexandria City Public Schools FACE Center – Movement Matters: Futsal Club $1,800
This project will increase the physical activity of 50 6th-8th grade students attending Francis C. Hammond Middle School (FCH) by engaging them in futsal (indoor soccer) during colder months when opportunities to be active are limited. Two 6-week futsal clubs will be offered to 25 students each.

Armstrong Elementary School - Healthy Kids Yoga $2,000
This project will bridge developmental differences in young children to increase physical activity and teach techniques for emotional regulation through yoga and mindfulness for approximately 239 early elementary and neuro-diverse students.

Ball's Bluff Elementary School - Girls on the Run Ball's Bluff Elementary $2,000
This 8-week program increases physical activity, self-confidence and supports social emotional learning for girl’s 3rd - 5th grade through a twice-weekly practice session and a 5k event.

Communities in Schools of NOVA Glasgow Middle School - Kiss My Kicks Expansion $2,000
This project will increase physical activity among 200 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students by expanding Kiss My Kicks (KMK) girls' running club to males in Spring 2022.

Goshen Post Elementary School - Gators Walk/JAWS $1,181.93
A monthly walk to school program called Gators Walk. The program will take place on the first Wednesday of every month. Students and parents’ grades K-5 will participate, and the school will continue to fund their morning running club Jogging and Walking Superstars.

Herndon Middle School - Herndon Middle School Cooking Classes $2,000
This project will be a virtual cooking class for students in grades 7 and 8 to learn basic- to intermediate- cooking skills. Taught by chef Sam Rosko, the students will be introduced to cooking techniques and practice healthy recipes.

Independence Nontraditional – Growing Dinner $2,000
This project will construct raised beds and offer underprivileged students the opportunity to grow food that they can nurture and take home. Many do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Our entire population is over 900 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Leesburg Elementary School - Girls on the Run Leesburg Elementary $2,000
This 8-week program increases physical activity, self-confidence and supports social-emotional learning for girl’s 3rd – 5th grade through a twice-weekly practice session and a 5k event.

Manassas Park Schools – Alpha Beta Club $2,000
This project will focus on diabetic management specifically in the areas of nutrition and the correlation between food and exercise in relation to blood sugar control. Students with diabetes will be introduced to exercise, hands on cooking classes, and exploring recipes using healthy ingredients.

Naomi L. Brooks Elementary/School Alexandria Public Schools - Walking Program $2,000
The program will increase student energy, focus, and improve mood. Students will walk ten minutes in the morning for three of five days. This is a continuation of a walking program that began in 2020-21. Student surveys demonstrated that walking/movement increased student energy, mood, and focus.

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