August 1, 2015
Healthy Kids Grants Winners

For the 2015-2016 School Year

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2015 Healthy Kids Grants supporting school and community based programs in Northern Virginia that either encourage more activity or encourage better nutrition for students during the 2015-2016 School Year.

Belmont Elementary School -  Eagles on the Move, $1,500
Prince William County                                                             
Eagles on the Run will increase physical activity and achievement of 50-75 third to fifth graders by using movement activities and exercise while learning health and nutrition facts. Participants promote physical activity of students, staff, and community by gaining members in the EAGLES Soaring Miles Club.       

Cameron Elementary School - Vegetable/Fruit of the Month, $1,500
Fairfax County
This project will encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle by promoting and teaching better nutrition habits among the K-6 student population. The intended outcome of this project is to make children appreciate the taste of fruits and vegetables as well as their nutritional value.  

Discovery Elementary - Discovery Wellness, Walk & Bike Initiatives Start-up, $2,000   
This wellness initiative will jump-start the holistic vision for this newly built school and all 555 students. The school design promotes movement while learning and this funding is necessary to get walking, biking, nutrition and healthy lifestyle activities off the ground.

Lake Anne Elementary School - Backpack Fitness, $1,500
Fairfax County
Lake Anne seeks to purchase backpacks and fitness materials for students to use over breaks and summer vacation. The school would purchase jump ropes, pedometers, balls, and other sports equipment to loan to students. Since 40% of the students receive free or reduced price meals, this is a huge area of need.

Herndon Elementary School - Girls Run Herndon, $1,300
Fairfax County
Girls Run Herndon is an after-school running club for girls in grades 3-6.  the club focuses on increasing physical activity, as well as teaching the girls about proper running form, stretching, nutrition and positive self-image. The school offers two seasons a school year with about 40 girls per season.        

John Adams Elementary School - Circus Extravaganza, $2,000
This project provides Circus Arts (juggling, unicycling, balancing challenges, hand-eye coordination challenges, and a sense of belonging and confidence) to 150 second-through fifth graders.     

Lynbrook Elementary School - Trailblazers Outdoor Exploration After-School Club, $1,000  
Fairfax County
This after-school club will increase physical activity for up to 20 kids, grades 4-6. It provides opportunities for title-1 low-income at-risk kids to learn fun outdoor exercises through team building games and activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking and fishing, while connecting to nature.            

Parkside Middle School - Dancing Like Stars! $1,000
Prince William County
This project will inspire physical activity through the practice of Ballroom Dance for approximately 1,000 7th grade students participating in a semester of dance instruction, or who completed ballroom dance in 2015. At semester's end, a formal Ball will be held for all students and their parents.          

Penn Elementary School - Penn Elementary School Trotters Running Club, $1,200
Prince William County
This project will increase physical activity and improve strength among 50+ students in grades 3-5 by meeting twice a week for the entire 2015-2016 school year. Parent volunteers will also be encouraged to participate with their children.                

Potomac View Elementary School - Let's Get Fit! $1,500
Prince William County
This project aims to improve the activity level of 85 boys and girls in 4th and 5th grades by running the Girls on the Run program for girls and a soccer program for the boys after school.  The program is in partnership with  the school's feeder high school, whose soccer team will mentor the boys.            

Rockledge Elementary PTA - Nutrition and Fitness Programs at Rockledge Elementary School, $1,500   
Prince William County
By continuing the proposed programs, Rockledge students and their families will continue to learn to cook healthy international meals with local ingredients, participate in free fitness events, and learn about ways to continue those activities via community resources.       

Washington-Lee High School - Pedometer Project-Taking Steps Towards a Healthier Life, $1,000
This project will increase awareness and movement among 300+ 9th graders by making them accountable for their step-counts throughout the day. It will also help them understand the connection between calories in food and calories burned through exercise.           

Westfield High School - Girl's Only Fitness Class, $2,000
Fairfax County
This class was formed to educate the female students at Westfield who are non-athletes on healthy diet and to encourage 60 minutes of activity every day to stay fit and healthy for the rest of their lives.  This class will change the way these girls think, feel and see themselves.              

Woodbridge Middle School - Healthy Eating For Kids Club, $1,000
Prince William County
Healthy Eating For Kids Club at Woodbridge Middle School seeks to address youth education regarding the increasing demand for locally produced foods, vegetables, and fish for health reasons amid the community's rapidly increasing population, obesity epidemic, and pollution levels.