August 1, 2012

For the 2012-2013 School Year

The following schools were awarded a Healthy Kids Grant for their 2012-2013 school year:

Clearview Elementary School  
With the goal of improving cardiovascular endurance and body composition, the Heart Rate Monitor Integration program is designed to increase the use of heart rate monitors into daily physical education.   By using this tool, students will have an increased understanding of how various activities raise the heart rate. 

Glen Forest Elementary School
Keeping Kids Fit and Focused at Their Seats is an active learning approach designed to increase physical activity and build core muscle strength among 5th grade students by providing them with yoga balls instead of chairs.

Gunston Middle School
This fund matching program is designed to encourage the provision of healthy, balanced meals when serving food to students outside of the standard school breakfast or lunch.  The Healthy Kids Grant also allows for the school to establish Girls on the Run program.

Lake Ridge Middle School
Through providing stability balls in classrooms and a walking program for 420 6th graders, the Sit and Walk for Health and Education program is designed to help students focus on improving core strength and increased circulation.

Liberty Elementary School
The goal of the Nutrition Based Mileage Club is to bring knowledge of nutrition, wellness and exercise to a variety of demographics within the school, enabling the culturally diverse K through 5 student body to share the information with other community members.

Mosby Woods Elementary School
Mustangs on the Move provides after school opportunities for 3rd through 6th graders –specifically those in low-income and minority populations – to be physically active throughout the year and incorporate healthy snacks into their daily lives.

Mountain View Elementary School
Students use pedometers to track their progress toward taking 10,000 steps each day for general overall health and learn the importance of incorporating cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility in their daily activities to get fit and stay healthy.

Parkside Middle School
The Stroll in the Park project increases physical activity as students arrive at school by participating in a morning walking program.

Patrick Henry Elementary School
The Henry at Home initiative is a way for students to have "homework" for PE class.  This increases physical activity for more than 400 students and their families by taking the skills learned during PE class and turning them into a fun, interactive take-home activity to enjoy.

Potomac View Elementary School
The Girls on the Run program increases the activity level of 4th and 5th grade girls and incorporates lessons on self-esteem, inner and outer beauty, bullying and healthy eating. 

Rockledge Elementary School
This program increases nutritional awareness among 40 2nd through 5th graders by teaching them how to cook healthy foods from various cultures using local products.  Students also have the opportunity to learn about and play games from other countries and share their knowledge with 400 classmates in a library program.

Stone Middle School, Fairfax County Public Schools
Lady Panthers on the Move increases physical activity among 7th and 8th grade girls by combining running and fitness activities with lessons that focus on issues that middle school students face.  The project culminates with a 5K run.

Springfield Estates Elementary School
The Eagles on the Move project encourages students to walk or bike to school and to view walking and biking as a life-long healthy habit.

Westlawn Elementary School
5 Minute Yoga Breaks for K through 6th Grades improves the learning environment by helping children relax, focus, stretch, concentrate, build teamwork and build a more positive environment.  Yoga instructors visit classrooms over six weeks to lead five minute yoga breaks.  After the program, teachers commit to daily student-led yoga breaks.

Woodbridge Middle School
The Food for Thought program will improve eating habits of students and parents through nutrition education, analysis, goal setting and learning to plan/prepare healthy snacks and meals.