August 1, 2013

For the 2013-2014 School Year

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2013 Healthy Kids Grants supporting school and community based programs in Northern Virginia that either encourage more activity or encourage better nutrition for students during the 2013-2014 School Year.

Alexandria County Public Schools - FACE Center, TaeKwonDo for Families
TaeKwonDo for Families will increase the physical activity, discipline, self-esteem and family relations of 100 elementary school students and their families. TaeKwonDo for Families will be offered across six-weeks to students and their parents at two low-income, high need schools.

Antietam Elementary School, Mighty Mustangs Running Club
This project promotes a healthy lifestyle among students in grades 1st through 5th (154 children), while learning the joys of running.

Campbell Elementary School, Campbell Healthy Kids Club
This project will benefit 160 3rd through 5th grade students to help improve their physical activity and nutrition by implementing a program that focuses on active living, health and character development. The group will meet 2-3 times per week to train for a culminating event and active discussions.

Baldwin Elementary School, Exercise Across America
Giving students the ability to recognize all of the many choices of activities that promote fitness. Some kids may love running a mile while others do not. Yardwork, playing outside, team sports, aerobics, walking, dancing, skateboarding.... all are means of physical activity.

Cedar Lane Elementary School, Cedar Lane Fitness Club
This project will increase physical activity and develop awareness of lifelong group/individual fitness venues among potentially 500 students enrolled in Grades 2 - 5 through exposure to yoga, Pilates, tai chi, dance, step, and running.

Clearview Elementary School, Clearview Heart Rate Monitor Integration
This is a continuation of heart rate monitor integration started in 2012. These additional monitors would allow students to wear monitors each day in physical education class.

Cool Spring Elementary School, Penguins Running for Health
Penguins Running for Health will be open to all Cool Spring Elementary students, staff, and families. The club will meet 1-2 times per week before school to run and discuss healthy eating habits.

Fairfax Villa Elementary School, Discovery Garden
The purchase of a growlab kit will allow our school to start plants from seed. We will transplant the seedlings into our Discovery Garden. The garden is used for interdisciplinary learning and the produce is eaten by our students as part of our school lunch program.

Falls Church High School, Read & Ride
Students and staff are invited to participate in the Read & Ride program, where participants will log minutes of exercise, miles covered, and number of pages read throughout the school year to track individual student growth and overall school improvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Farmwell Station Middle School, After School Fitness Club
This project will increase physical activity of 40 to 50 8th graders by the end of 6 months. In addition, lifetime activities such as strength training will be encouraged.

Godwin Middle School, Intramural Program
This program is being designed in the hopes of targeting students 6-8 grade not participating in extracurricular activities. The students this program will focus on are the seventy-six percent that do not have the means to participate in school sports/activities.

Hutchison Elementary School, Hutchison Elementary Running Clubs
This project will increase physical activity and emotional wellness among 80 3rd-6th graders by providing wellness activities before and after the school day. The students will work as a team to train for a 5K race at the end of their seasons.

Keene Mill Elementary School PTA, Family Get Fit Month and Free Running Club
This program will increase physical activity and health awareness among students and families by promoting proper nutrition guidance, physical activity and general well-being within the school community. The program is open to all 685 students and their families, so reach could be over 1,000.

Lucketts Elementary School, School Garden
This project will provide fresh herbs and vegetables (at lunch time and for after school snacks) for all students grades K-5 and the community.

Mosby Woods Elementary School, Family Fun Run
This event will allow all of our students grades head start-6th grade and their families to enjoy being active with their families. Hopefully this will encourage them to do this more often. It will also raise awareness of blood pressure and being heart healthy.

Oak View Elementary School PTA, Healthy Kids-Inside and Out
This project will increase physical activity as well as better nutritional habits among 100 kids (over two sessions 200 kids) between grades 2-6th. We will teach physical activities as well as provide nutritional based education discussing topics ranging from healthy foods to portion sizes.

Rockledge Elementary School, Buy Locally, Cook Globally Cooking Club
This project will increase nutritional awareness among 40 2nd through 5th graders by teaching them how to cook healthy foods from around the world using local products. Students will walk for 10 minutes before each cooking club; they will share their knowledge with 400 classmates in the library.

Sleepy Hollow Elementary School PTA, Sleepy Hollow Running Club
This project will increase physical activity among approximately 40 3rd, 4th and 5th graders by having them run once or twice a week as a school group. The snack component is a healthy foods lesson with a healthy food choice served with water.

Springfield Estates Elementary School, Trailblazers Outdoor Adventure After-School Club
This club, in partnership with TrailsforYouth.Org, provides physical activity to a group of low-income students in grades 4-6. Through bicycle rides at parks the kids build lasting relationships with mentors that encourage regular physical activity, environmental stewardship, and healthy nutrition.

TC Williams High School, TC Williams Student Orchard Project
This project will increase the availability of nutritious fruits and nuts for TC Williams High School students by establishing an orchard of fruit and nut bearing trees and bushes on the school's grounds. The project will be coordinated by students in the TCW Garden Club.