The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia publishes research papers highlighting the critical needs in our community. These studies provide thoughtful insight into how these needs are addressed in Northern Virginia, and how philanthropic efforts can be targeted to better serve our friends and neighbors.

The Community Foundation also publishes an Annual Report each year and a magazine titled GOOD BUSINESS which highlights corporate philanthropy in Northern Virginia.

Identifies Challenges and Barriers to Economic Success for Many in our Region

Opportunity Index Logo SmallThe Opportunity Index for Northern Virginia is an interactive dashboard to serve as a data resource for community knowledge and strategic philanthropic giving, and to help grow philanthropy for our most economically disadvantaged populations. The data and accompanying report were prepared by The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, a nonprofit think-tank that provides credible, independent, and accessible information and analyses of fiscal and economic issues with particular attention to the impacts on low- and moderate-income persons.  The Opportunity Index is available to the public for free at

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Assessing the network of services available for post-9/11 veterans and their families in Northern Virginia

Supporting NOVAs Veterans CoverThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, in partnership with the United Way of the National Capital Area and with the support of Deloitte Consulting, is pleased to present "Supporting our Region's Veterans."  This report was developed to gain a more sophistocated, data-driven understanding of support available to Northern Virginia's veterans, and to provide the Community Foundation, United Way NCA, and other local community-based organizations and philanthropists with the insights needed to strategically target and coordinate contributions and grant dollars toward the greatest needs.  Deloitte Consulting invested over $80,000 in pro-bono support to perform the research and publish the report.

The basic findings of this three-year study indicate that although veterans in our area are well supported at the macro-level with access to a wide variety of government and nonprofit services, there are several ways that the local philanthropic sector can target its dollars to better support the needs of Northern Virginia’s veterans at the micro-level.  Veterans in particular find services to be overly complex and sometimes difficult to access.  Greater coordination between government and nonprofit providers to create a seamless web of services would improve the lives of veterans and military families.

See how the Community Foundation is addressing these findings by joining the Philanthropy-Joining Forces Impact Pledge and through its Military Fund.

We hope that this report will serve as a resource for future planning and policy-making around the needs of our military veterans, and that it will direct philanthropic resources to meet the most critical needs.

A report on the population 65 and older in our region

AgingReportCOVERThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia is pleased to present "A Portrait of our Aging Population in Northern Virginia," a report on the population 65 and older in the Northern Virginia region.  This report highlights demographic, economic, and social trends that impact older adults in the region.  It uses current data and population projections to identify current needs and to plan for future needs of this population, expected to grow by 76% in the next twenty years.

As the report demonstrates, the Northern Virginia population of adults 65 and older is generally younger, healthier and wealthier than in other parts of the country, and can therefore serve as a tremendous resource for the region.  However, in the next ten to twenty years the older population is expected to grow at significantly higher rates that the national average.  Because of the high cost of housing in the region, there are a significant number of older residents that are economically insecure, and are therefore experiencing poverty, are under-insured, and are relying more and more on in-home care.  There is a clear need to support seniors aging in place.

We hope that this report will inform and inspire you and help grow philanthropic and public investments to meet the needs of our aging neighbors. We also hope that you will use this report as a resource and share it with others who may be interested.

Developed in collaboration with Voices for Virginia's Children

ChildrenCoverThe Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and Voices for Virginia's Children are pleased to present "A Portrait of Children in Northern Virginia," a first-ever snapshot of the status of Northern Virginia's children.  This report highlights demographic, economic, and social trends that impact children and youth ages 0-18 in Northern Virginia.

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